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Using AI to build the world’s first real-time predictive advertising

How do you announce that Google Cloud has an enterprise-worthy offering without feeling like typical enterprise marketing? By creating an AI-powered product demo in front of a national audience that showed businesses that Google Cloud is up to any challenge.

We worked directly with Google Cloud data scientists to query and turn decades of NCAA data into the world’s first real-time predictive TV spots, live in front of 43 million people during the Final Four and Championship games. These were supported throughout the tournament by anthem spots, 6-second snackable digital videos, print in high-visibility publications like New York Times and Wall Street Journal, a long-form documentary to bring the Google + NCAA partnership to lifeproviding a behind the scenes look at Google’s enterprise readiness.


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Bringing history to life for the New York Times

To further demonstrate the power of Google Cloud, we applied our Show Don’t Tell marketing strategy to its New York Times partnership. The New York Times was digitizing its historical archive of photography onto Google Cloud, and we saw an opportunity to bring those photos—and the historical moments behind them—to life.

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